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Sunday, September 24, 2006

The internet is a small place

After an embarrassingly long gap of inactivity, I'm making some progress again. There's a shortish list of things to fix before I'll feel happy promoting the site. Top of the list was appearance; the markup and CSS is respectably structured, but it still doesn't look great. I did a little googling for inspiration. Cameron Moll's impressive portfolio caught my eye. I especially liked the look of what he did for Joyent. So who are these Joyent people? Turns out it's part of the same outfit as TextDrive, a hosting company. The second thing on my to-do list? Hosting. And I'd heard good things about TextDrive via the Ruby on Rails crowd. In fact I'd already started checking out their prices. And there was the freaky moment, the same page open in two Firefox tabs via completely different navigation. It was a sign; I bought a server from TextDrive straight away.


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